Client Item Year
GCT Gabes Supply, transport and replacement of a ferrule section in the rotating drum of the dryer, ref : WT 3902 of the DAP - Gabes 2013
Tunisian Stevedoring and Handling Company STAM Supply and manufacture of four-dimensional site cabins 12mx3mx3m 2013
CTF Supply and manufacture of two site huts, dimensions : 10mx3mx3m 2013
GCT Gabes Repair and replacement of TK301A , TK302A / B and TK303A ferrules in the DAP factory of Gabes 2012
CPG Supply and manufacture a mud trap ferrule in the Metlaoui Factory 2012
BIZERTE CEMENT Manufacture and delivery of a section ferrule wiht manhole with oven 2 (thickness = 30mm Øint = 5250mm and length : 5400mm ) 2011
SOTACIB Replacement of an output ferrule, smoke box 2011
BIZERTE CEMENT Manufacture and assembly of a UNAX tube section 2011
GABES CEMENT Supply and installation of vibrating conveyors 2011
SITEP Acquisition of two 25m3 and 15m3 tanks for drinking water in Elborma Site 2011
BIZERTE CEMENT Replacement of a ferrule section for furnace 1 2010
GCT M’dhilla Supply, manufacture and modification of the tank D2003 2010
CPG Manufacture and transport of a chimney for chain A dryer of washing facilities 3 in M'Dhilla 2009
GCT - Gabes Repair of distilled water storage tank Rep. TK21304 2008
GCT - Gabes Supply, manufacture and installation of a new grille for ammonia nitrate unit exchanger 2008
GCT - Gabes Supply and replacement of ferrules bottom V1 and V2 of TK3503/B in GCT Gabes DAP factory 2007
Ministry of National Defense Repair of a steam boiler installed in Gabes 2007
SCE Enfidha Cement Replacement of a dedusting network of 500 ml 2006
SCE Enfidha Cement Installation of two dedustingstationsin the the cooler outlet 2006
BIZERTE CEMENT Revision of bucket elevators 2005
Zaghouan Cement
Change of conveyor belts,
Cleaning of silos 1 and 2
GABES CEMENT Presentation of dismantling and assembly work of the two transportors P012 and P013 2005